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Screenshots of zkanji v0.71

The main window of zkanji v0.71. The "Tools" tab of the settings window. Managing dictionary sites that can be opened with two clicks for words in the dictionary. Colors can customized for dictionaries and kanji lists. You can set filters based on word types to limit word listings to what you really need. Filters and their effect on the dictionary.

Screenshots of zkanji v0.593

The main window of zkanji v0.593. List of last tested items in the long-term study, a spaced repetition learning tool in zkanji. Kanji information window with all reference numbers shown. Large view of the kanji information window, with only some reference numbers. Trying to guess word in the long-term study test. The kanji must be drawn in the handwriting recognition window. A kanji reading test follows the long-term study test. Collecting words matching the conditions set by the user, that only contain the selected kanji.

Screenshots of zkanji v0.53

All controls on a single window. This mode is available from v0.53. Find kanji easily with the built-in handwriting recognition. More convenient than the one included with the system. Settings for the hiragana and katakana practice. Test yourself with the hiragana and katakana practice window by typing the presented nonsense. The original interface of zkanji with the three main windows. The dictionary also shows example sentences, if the optional database is installed. Kanji information window with all kind of reference numbers. Most of them can be hidden. Larger kanji information window. You can reach this bigger view by pressing the button at the top left corner. The popup dictionary in action. It can be activated by minimizing zkanji to the tray and selecting the dictionary from the right-click context menu of zkanji. There is also a popup kanji dictionary that stays on top of other windows and does not take up much space. Selecting options for word study. You can either select the correct word from five choices or type the word in kana. Result for the first round of the gradual inclusion word test. Here you can see what mistakes you made and also change the results. Hey, don't cheat! Statistics window for the long-term kanji study. The number of items are actually the number of words studied with kanji. Print preview window where you can check what the printed pages will be like. One method to look up kanji is by their historical radicals. Here you can type the name of the radical if you know it. But there are other methods in case you don't.