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Contents of readme.txt:

zkanji Copyright (c) 2007-2013 Sólyom Zoltán
zkanji is a feature rich Japanese language study suite and
dictionary for Windows. It is based on data from JMdict,

Please read the licence.txt about the licence of zkanji
and its datafiles.

Files needed to run zkanji:
zkanji.exe - the executable of zkanji
zdict.zkj - shared dictionary datafile
english.zkj - main English dictionary datafile
similar.txt - list of visually similar kanji
irregulars.txt - some common irregular readings for kanji
furigana.txt - furigana data for some irregular words

* optional (not needed, but included in the setup):
examples.zkj - example sentences datafile
zdict.zks - stroke order datafile

Other files are generated when using zkanji.

How to install zkanji:
*If you already have zkanji, skip to the next part.

Since v0.715, there is a setup program, that installs
zkanji on your hard drive. Download it from the zkanji
web site and start it like any other executable. If
you follow the instructions, zkanji will be installed on
your machine.

In case you would like to install zkanji on a pen-drive or
other removable media, you can download the .zip version.
Just unpack the full archive correctly, making sure subfolders
get created. The automatic update will keep zkanji portable,
so you don't have to do this every time just to update the

Manual "installation":
* Create a directory for the program.
* Create a directory called "data" in that directory.
* Copy zkanji.exe to the first directory.
* Copy every other file to the "data" directory.

How to update zkanji:
Newer versions of zkanji might not run with user data generated
with very old versions. Install at least every second release to
prevent this.

Since v0.715 there is an automatic update in the program, which
downloads and also installs the latest version. The setup program
doesn't break the portability of zkanji, so it works even when
you run the program from a pen-drive.

Manual update:
* Quit zkanji if it's running.
* Download a .zip package:
1. full package + the optional example sentences database,
2. or the executable only version.
* Extract the downloaded file(s) to the zkanji program directory,
overwriting the executable, and any other file present.
* Make sure you unpack with the directories, or the data files
won't go to the correct location.

In case there is no executable only version for a release,
the full package must be obtained for the program to run,
because this means it is not compatible with the datafile of
previous versions.

Old user data formats will be automatically converted after
a given version. Very old formats must be first converted with
previous versions of zkanji.

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