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Contents of licence.txt:

zkanji vX.XXX Copyright (c) 2007-2013 Sólyom Zoltán

* Licence details *

About the zkanji executable (zkanji.exe)
zkanji is free software. It is licensed under the Common
Developement And Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0

zkanji comes with absolutely NO warranty and/or liability.

Read the copyright.txt for more information about the

About the other files included with the executable

About JMdict, KANJIDIC and RADKFILE (zdict.zkj, english.zkj)
This software package (zkanji and its datafile) uses a
compilation of JMdict, KANJIDIC and RADKFILE. The
compilation holds the original data in an accessible binary
format for zkanji.

The original files are the property of the Electronic
Dictionary Research and Development Group at Monash
University, and are used in conformance with the Group's
licence. Please read and conform to this licence if you
distribute the main dictionary datafile included with

You can read more about the licence at the group's home
page at:

You can get the files at:

About the new JLPT level data for words and kanji
(in zdict.zkj)
This is a modified JLPT level data from KANJIDIC and other
free sources. The modification consist of having old 2kyuu
items separated into N2 and N3 groups based on assumptions
about the JLPT instead of official sources. You can use this
data in any way you like with the only condition that
anything resulting from its use is your own responsibility.

About the Tanaka Corpus (in examples.zkj *optional)
This example database for zkanji contains a large portion
of the updated Tanaka Corpus. The original file was
converted to the data that is used.

The Tanaka Corpus is released under Creative Commons CC-BY

You can find more information about the original file and
its current versions at the following location:

The licence can be reached through this page:

More detailed information is provided in the package
containing the datafile itself.

About similar.txt
This file is free.

About zdict.zks
zdict.zks contains the stroke order database needed to play
the animated stroke diagrams and for the handwriting
Altough this file is included with zkanji it is entirely my
property. Contact me if you would like to use it in any
other program.

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