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Latest version: v0.731 (Jul. 17, 2013)
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What is zkanji?
zkanji is a free and open-source study tool and dictionary of the Japanese language. It has several useful features for beginners and advanced students alike. Dictionary, example sentences, kanji search and information with animated stroke order diagrams, vocabulary list printing, study functions and much more.
Look up over 210,000 words from the JMDict Japanese dictionary database, with zkanji's easy to use dictionary interface. Bring up the popup dictionary with system wide shortcuts, type hiragana and katakana without switching to Japanese keyboard, search for inflected word forms and see what inflections affected the words, write kanji with your mouse, see information about kanji and browse example sentences, all in one place.
Japanese characters
zkanji offers several different kanji search functions and information based on data from KANJIDIC, a freely available kanji database. By combining details you can easily guess, it is fast to find any kanji even for beginners. Information about them includes how to read them, what they mean, reference numbers in the most popular dictionaries, similar kanji, kanji they are related to etc.
Animated kanji stroke order
See what strokes make up each kanji and their order, with easy to follow stroke order animations. With these stroke order diagrams, anyone can learn and practice writing kanji characters without any prior knowledge.
Vocabulary and kanji study
Learn words and kanji with zkanji's study groups and the long-term study list, a flashcard study system based on a spaced-repetition algorithm. The words you already know will not be shown in the tests, helping you concentrate on new and not yet learned words instead, making studying efficient.